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Triple Double Bonus Poker Strategy. Triple Double Bonus Video Poker lesson strategies with pay schedule, paytable for Learn to Play Video Poker Gambling Teachers.This is one of the most frequently made and expensive errors in video poker -- the choice between a single high card or a low pair.This simple guide will outline the basic rules necessary giving players a boost and clear introduction before playing their first game.This article shows where and how to play Triple Bonus Poker. This includes odds, strategy, and pay tables for this popular video poker variant.Pitfalls of Double Double Bonus Poker 27. You should also consider practicing the strategy at home with video poker training software until your playing.

Triple Double Bonus Poker is a unique Video Poker game from BetOnSoft that lists 13 winning combinations on the pay table. The Royal Flush pays 4000 coins on a 5 coin.

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vpFREE2 Triple Double Bonus video poker pay tables with game EV. Click EV for search.8/5 Triple Bonus; Ultimate X. Triple Double Bonus Poker. Effect of Strategy Mismatches in Video Poker; Strategies Full-Pay Jacks or Better.In any video poker game, you must bet all 5 coins to qualify for the highest royal flush payout and top payback.

Video poker game simulator. Each variation of video poker has its own individual winning strategy and taking the time to learn your. Triple Double Bonus 9/6.VIDEO POKER STRATEGY CALCULATOR. Select a video poker game and if appropriate extra coins feature from the pulldowns. The extra coins feature includes special modes.Learn the basics of Video Poker with Step by Step instructions that will walk you through the each dealt hand from start to finish.

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It is calculated by multiplying potential outcomes by the chances of them occurring, and summing these results. -.

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The Video Poker machine has gone through many changes since its first invention.Play up to 100 hands at once with this exciting Double Bonus online video poker. video poker offering! Game King Triple Play. strategy, Game King Jacks or.I imagine that this is because once one is designed, it is easy to clone it over and over with different pay tables.8/5 Triple Bonus; Ultimate X. Home › games › Video Poker Strategy Maker. Last Updated:. Welcome to the video poker calculator and strategy generator.

Video Poker Online. Video Poker Strategy. 9/6 Double Double Bonus suggests in its turn 99.65% and 8/5 Triple Bonus – 99.87%,.I know I said that usually the conservative play is the right one, but here is an exception.Triple Double Bonus Poker 10 Play has a lot of potential for winning hands with 10 hands dealt and 13 winning combinations on the pay table. A Royal Flush is the tied.Wild card games are some of the most popular video poker games, namely Deuces Wild and Joker Poker.Because of the reduced 3 of a kind payouts, you must be patient and play many hands before you get the full benefits of Triple Double Bonus.

Our in-depth Video Poker Strategy page. Follow the Perfect Video Poker Strategy. To succeed in video. Triple your money with a 200% Match Bonus and get.Double Double Bonus Poker. 7. Triple Bonus Bonus Poker. Instant Access to the Power Video Poker Strategy Gamblers Bookcase 5901-J Wyoming NE Suite 305 Albuquerque.Chasing Aces in Poker. In any video poker game, the “expert” strategy changes with the pay table. What happens if the game is Triple Double Bonus Poker,.The general rule with three unsuited high cards is to keep the lowest two only.

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Triple Double Bonus Poker Strategy 5 July 2005 By John Grochowski "Just what do video poker players want?" A recent discussion with a group of casino executives.Triple Play Draw Poker by IGT allows video poker fans to quickly choose between nine of. The level of strategy required keeps the game. Triple Double Bonus:.

We always recommend making the max bet when you play video poker due to the disproportionate jump in the royal flush payout.

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With that in mind the strategy tips. in any video poker format but this article will. game of Double Double Bonus Multi Strike Poker.Our handy question and answer guide will assist players interested in learning how to play.TRIPLE DOUBLE BONUS VIDEO POKER STRATEGY. The next variation in the ‘Bonus Poker’ family is a bit different than the two we’ve looked at in the most recent.9/5 Triple Bonus Poker is an extremely fun and addictive video poker casino game.Triple Double Bonus is a Jacks or Better-based video poker game with special bonuses for Four of a Kind hands in which the matched cards are Aces.The expected value of holding the suited A-2-5 is 54.30% while the ace only is 46.56%.That is something you might do in live poker, but not video poker.

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In this example, the expected value of holding the jack and queen only is 49.92%.Triple Double Bonus Poker is a video poker variation that awards large payouts for the following 4 of a kind hands.

. Bonus video poker. Bonus Poker game to Deuces Wild to Triple Bonus on the same machine. The correct basic playing strategy is different from one video poker.One more big change with Triple Double Bonus is that it only pays 2 coins for 3 of a kind, versus 3 coins on both Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus.You then decide what cards to keep and hold, then push Draw to make discards and receive your replacement cards.Video Gaming Act. Summary; How It. Click to view locations with Triple Trouble Poker. five-card draw poker game. Bonus Round Triple pay games are triggered any.Learn Video Poker variations and strategy. Bonus Poker Double Bonus Triple Bonus Pick ’Em Poker: COMPARISON OF LONG-TERM PAYBACK FOR VIDEO POKER VARIATIONS.Notable Differences from Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus.Understand the Hold, Draw and Deal buttons including the payout table.

All about video poker at The Online Casino Gambling Directory -- the easiest gaming search on the web.The good news is our sister site, Wizard of Odds, has a wealth of information about video poker, including return percentages for hundreds of games and pay tables, calculators, strategy generators, and a demo game that corrects you when you make a mistake.Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner is a how-to. Double Triple Double Bonus Triple Play Variance Vegas video poker games. Video Poker Strategy.There are many variations of Video Poker to choose from in the Casinos and online.• High Variance Games Such as Triple Double Bonus Video Poker. The return, variance, and playing strategy complexity for 8/5 Bonus Poker are all decent.Winning At Double Double Bonus Poker. You should also consider practicing the strategy at home with video poker training software until your playing accuracy is at.There is an exception with J-Q-K, where you should hold all of them.Video poker is my passion and any time i can give or receive sound advice take.